Ways To Prevent Identity Theft

This article is to prevent the identity theft. Here i mentioned all the necessary ways to prevent identity theft.
The fastest growing crime in U.S is identity theft and currently amounts in dimensions of the epidemic. It refers to fraudulent activity where for unauthorized purposes one person steals another person’s personal information including social security, credit card number and immigration data to be used. From a general person, employees and student to industrialists and celebrities…all have been affected by identity theft. It takes a long time, to overcome the damaging affects of identity theft because it ruins the credit history.
There are also cases where people are losing jobs because of identity theft. Therefore, the only way to keep well ahead of identity theft is through taking care of your personal information all the time. We can say prevention is the best way to save identity theft. Below is mentioned some of the ways to prevent identity theft.
• You should keep secure your key and personal record which includes credit card number, bank and other financial documents in place which is safety. Never share your personal information like, passwords and any type of a/c no with others. Try to keep in your mind always. Avoid to write you personal info in any diary or any paper, if is there destroy it in an immediate effect. This is the best way to prevent identity theft.
• Unnecessary do not carry any such important information or any signed check leaf or any social security information, while going out.
• Never store your ATM card pin number in your wallet. And never carry more than one credit card at a time.
• Never give any personal details in a reply of unknown mails. And always delete your incoming mail which is carrying any paid bills or any other personal information which includes address, name, and back details etc…
• Be careful while you are talking over the phone. If you receive any phone call for your personal details like account details, make sure you are giving it to the correct person. Like your banker or your lender.
• IF you are in mortgage then be careful while you are changing you lender. Do not give you bank details to the broker. You can directly contact the lender. And while you are putting your personal information on the net like when you need payday loan immediately or some online mortgage quote or something similar then choose the best lender by searching on the net and always try to choose the brand name which is known to you or the website gives all the correct information about the company.
• If you are managing any company or any institute then do not forget to change the password which is shared with your previous employee. And always do that while an employee gives resignation.
• To trace out any suspicious transactions, you have to check your bank statement and credit reports in regular basis.
• In case you lost your credit card. Or suit case containing any such important information, you should contact with your credit card companies or collection agencies with an immediate effect to block your details. And always try to make a duplicate copy with you
These are the best ways to prevent identity theft. Hope this article will be helpful.

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