What are Professionals Mortgages?

A Professionals Mortgage is a specialized mortgage product provided by some UK Lenders which is aimed at the Professionals market. This means that to be eligible for a Professionals Mortgage at least one of the applicants must be qualified, practicing, and registered as an:-
Veterinary Surgeon
Why do Lenders issue Professionals Mortgages?
As a client, a Professional offers a number of advantages to a Lender. Professionals will generally have more stable employment prospects, higher or rising income, and be a better source of spin off business such as savings accounts. The average mortgage size for a Professional is some three to four times that of a non Professional.
What are the benefits to the Professional of a Professionals Mortgage?
The Professional client can obtain a number of benefits from these specialized mortgage products. Typical advantages are, high loan to value maximums, higher lending against income, and exclusive product rates.
How can I access a Professionals Mortgage?
You should use a mortgage broker that is a specialist in dealing with Professionals.
As well as being aware of all the Professionals exclusive products on the market, your specialist broker will be used to working on Professional’s cases and understand issues particular to the Professionals mortgage market such as pupillage, locum work, HSM Visas, and Partnerships.
Your time is too valuable to waste and your training too much hard work not to take advantage of your status. Make sure you use a Professionals specialist for your mortgage.


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