4 types of coverage provided by travel insurance

travel insurance
Importance of travel insurance cannot be undermined. This is because when you travel to a distant place, there are many unforeseen events that you may have to face. These may include any physical injury you incur, loss of baggage, delayed flights, accidents, crime etc. The possibilities are endless. And if you are travelling to a distant place and you face an emergency, you will have your travel insurance policy to bank on if you are adequately covered. Basically, travel insurance policies provide the following 4 types of coverage to travel insurance policyholders.

1. Trip cancellation, interruption insurance This type of travel insurance coverage helps you if you have to cancel your trip. It will also take care of refund penalties under such circumstances. However, the reason for coverage may differ from insurance carrier to another. It also includes illness or injury. Make sure you read between the lines while accepting the policy.
2. Comprehensive travel medical insurance This type of travel insurance is for people that don’t have a medical insurance policy in their homeland. This type of coverage is mainly beneficial for travellers that have their medical insurance coverage at home or have lost their health insurance coverage and travel on a long term basis. This is also applicable for people that reside and work in a foreign land.
3. Emergency travel medical insurance Emergency travel medical insurance coverage will help people covered medically in their homeland but don’t have travel insurance coverage while they are traveling to another country. It will help you in case of an emergency. Once you return to your country, you are covered under the regular insurance coverage again.
4. Medical evacuation insurance  Rarely needed, the Medevac will cover the cost incurred on air ambulance, attending nurse as well as physician etc. Extreme sports such as scuba diving etc are usually not covered under this travel insurance coverage. Make sure the travel insurance carrier from whom you buy the travel insurance plan has a good track record and doesn’t trick you into fraudulent practices. 

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