Financial risk management techniques to lower your investment risk

When you’re thinking about making investments with your hard-earned money, you would obviously want to ensure that your investments are subject to minimum risk. Financial risk management is a process to minimise risk to investments. Your investments can become exposed to different types of market risk and credit risk.
You can adopt financial risk management techniques to mitigate those risks. Modifying your strategies and goals is a helpful way to reduce your risks. Determine how much risk you want your investments to have. If you want to reduce your financial risk without affecting your investment portfolio, it is necessary for you to make intelligent decisions. Some of the useful financial risk management techniques are as follows:
  • * Calculate the level of risk you want your investment portfolio to have. Risk can be defined in several ways. Most investors follow a ratio of traditional investments to aggressive investments. Traditional investments carry less risk. On the other hand, aggressive investments are more speculative in nature. If you put more money on traditional investments, this would make your portfolio stronger.
    * If you want to mitigate financial risks instantly, you can swap your aggressive investments with traditional investments. Try to sell off your aggressive investments and invest the proceeds into a money market account. You would see how your financial risk differs.
    * You must assess the extent of risk involved in every segment of your overall investment portfolio. Know how much risk you have at present before mitigating the financial risks to your investments. Don’t miss out a single account to include in your assessment.
    * If you put your money in safer investment options only, this can fortify your investment portfolio. You can gain from this method since you’re not required to sell any of your investments. More often than not, treasury bills are considered as the safest forms of investment. If you can buy some treasury bills, this can considerably cut down the degree of risk in your investment portfolio. Buying high-rated municipal bonds from the general fund series is also a prudent move.
    * Evaluate your investment portfolio once again to determine the extent of risk that is there at present. If your investment portfolio still has a considerable degree of risk, just go on swapping investments and incorporating traditional investments. Don’t stop till the risk level becomes acceptable.

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