Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

We are very much aware about the money making reality shows on TV channels. Yes every body wants to be a millionaire, how it doesn’t mater but we want money. Am I right?
NO a big NO. Yes we want money but should be in an honest way. I am not talking about those reality shows, which gives you winning prize money; I just want to come to the reality.
Let’s come to the topic………………
In our day to day life we get such kind of offer from where we can have more money in a Second. But make sure, those offers are fake. Yes I am talking about the online Lottery. It’s a very risky factor while you will be managing you own finance.
Let me show you an email as an example:
online lottery
Now I think you have got an idea about this. They are 419 scammers. That might send you an email from yahoo, msn or any free mail service provider. What do you think I got this money? as per their mail it should be £2,696,385. Don’t get exited, I didn’t get it. Now just use your common sense, you didn’t apply for any online lottery but you have won that money? The 419 scammers are waiting for cheating money from you. They will ask your personal information. & after that they will demand some transfer money to deliver the wining amount at your place. Please don’t get fool by giving reply of those mail. The 419 scammers are waiting to grab your hard & soul money.
In my previous post I discussed about insurance fraud. And you know each & every types lottery prizes are insured. But this time is totally fake. Some time you will get mail from lawyer.com/ justice.com these all are free mail services. They will provide you there mobile number or any land phone number. You will see that those number in Nigeria, UK, Netherlands or Spain. All the mobile numbers are prepaid.
Some time they will say that they are Drug free certified, Anti Money Laundering certified, Terrorist Free Certified. Actually there is no such certification in this real world.
In this way they are earning millions of dollar every year. So please abuse those mails as soon as possible. And after getting this mail you can get in touch with your local police station. And remember they are closely connected with the political & economical elite of the country.

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