The Chili Bowl Midget Racing Event – 2018

The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals racing event takes place every year right after the Christmas. This racing event has gained a lot of popularity lately. Since the inception year of 1987, people around the city of Oklahoma wait eagerly for this five days adrenaline filled racing event. Initially it used to be a two days event but gradually the number of participants which resulted in restructuring the original format. 2008’s drew audience surprisingly and the number of entries was 286. HBO televised the entire event on demand. At present the event comprises of fifty five hurdles. Even the structure of the hurdles has been changed in the year 2012. Previously the number of hurdles was fifty.

The event of 2018

Christopher Bell wins the title second time in a row. Like last year Christopher Bell performed outstandingly, on the other hand his opponent Kyle Larson was a bit unfortunate as his car’s engine malfunctioned and in the racing the car was emitting grey fume. Kyle had to pull over. During the event Bell and Kyle’s cars were dominant according to many NASCOM experts and sports magazines. And it also seemed that they were racing with each other. With only twelve laps remaining Kyle’s car gave up. Bell handled Rico Abreu very deftly and finished in the first position. According to the DailyHerald, Bell is one of the most promising NASCOM stars whose career started last year with the brilliant performance.

The attraction of Chili Bowl racing event

Every year hundreds of participants apply for this racing event and only the best remains till the end. In this year’s event Christopher Bell outperformed everyone and finished in the first position. Bell is twenty three years old and in the Saturday night’s racing event he started second. This event is held annually since the year 1987 and since the inception has drawn the best and most talented drivers across the city. The event takes place for almost about a week and five days are for practice and the qualifying rounds. For the main event only twenty four cars are selected. And at the end of the event the winner is presented with the Golden Driller trophy. This year according to media reports, after winning, Christopher Bell kept the trophy close to him even while travelling back home.

“Still hasn’t really sunk in…”

Larson had hoped and was prepared for a fierce battle and everything was going until passing the 15th lap. Due to the car’s malfunction he had to pull over and lost the race. Larson performed best throughout the season in all the events and gave his best performance every time. And even after losing he had absolute control over his nerves and said “It’s tough to blow up,” Larson told “It always is. I kind of dealt with it a few months ago. So I’m kind of used to it now.”  At the end of the day Larson congratulated Bell over Twitter and said that “Still hasn’t really sunk in yet what happened tonight but still thankful for another opportunity to race greatly prepared race cars…”

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