Picture Perfect Valentine’s Day Tips That You Cannot Ignore

Valentine’s Day is not anymore a new tradition in the Asian countries. 1956 was the first time a department store, in Stockholm, signposted with Valentine’s Day after American pattern. Eventually in the Asian countries also we started giving gifts and, above all, red roses. In 2006, 6 million roses were sold in India. Among the modern generation it has become a tradition that both boys and girls will give flowers to each other this day. The color of the flowers has different meanings and varies from places to places. However, it is true that all over the world this day is celebrated as a day of love.


The Origin of Valentine’s Day: The Story of St. Valentine:

A story is about a valentine, who suffered the martyrdom of Rome on February 14 about year 269. He had important young couples against Emperor Claudius’s will, for the emperor wanted to marry warriors in his army. In prison, Valentin met the prisoner’s daughter. Before Valentin was executed, he wrote a resignation letter to her from “Your Valentine”. This would be the first Valentine Card and the beginning of a tradition of sending cards to each other on February 14th. During the middle Ages, special valentine poetry was developed with rhymeed love letters. During the 19th century rich variety of valentine cards were popular. Nowadays the cards are often too playful.

Valentine’s Day was in its place both the first spring day and the day when the birds formed pairs for the summer. One celebrated the coming spring by pairing young people to the games and dances of the summer. In Britain, you have celebrated Valentine’s Day since the Middle Ages. Boys and girls became playful by the lottery or by chance. You became the other’s Valentine in the coming year. The boy would warn the girl like a knight, give her presents and she would be his lady. It is also known that the English ambassador in India appointed Queen Kristina to his “Valentine” in 1654.

Valentine’s Day is a theme day celebrated on February 14th each year and originates in traditions that arose around the celebration of the saint Valentine’s February 14th began in the Catholic Church at the end of the century, but exactly who this one is unclear. Then you are commemorating all those who have defended Russia in history. In the Asian continents also the idea of Valentine’s day is very strong now,

Express with roses


There is no other gift than the red rose bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Because it is not the right way to express your love flowers of roses come in many colors but they mean different. Pink color shows respect, Pink rose and yellow rose are signs of friendship. Red rose expresses beauty and love. Traditionally red roses add one to each other to express their emotions to each other.

Refresh old memories


When you start your relationship, your behaviour is usually the best and you are lovingly loving with your partner. You can also celebrate Valentine’s Day by remembering this day. You should come again with your partner in the same way and remember your first meeting. In particular, women like it that their male companions remember such old things.

Spend the day lovingly

Plan Valentine’s Day to spend the whole day with your partner to make it special. Stay away from your office meetings and phone calls for this one day so that you can spend as much time with your partner as possible. If you stay at home then do not call any third among you.

Sweeten something

Valentine’s Day is also more special if you give some sweet to the companion especially the chocolates. Chocolates come in many sizes. On this day you give your partner a heart-shaped chocolates and make it memorable

Best dressed

Make the best clothes and makeup to make Valentine’s Day special. Women prefer to embellish themselves, but if their male companions also pay attention to their clothes, they are very impressed. Not only good clothes but also your shoes and other good use. By consulting each other you can also choose your clothes if you want to wear the same color.

Make a card with your hands

valentines day

If you make a card with your hands for your partner, then its importance will change. Express love for your partner in your words in this card. If you are fond of writing then write a short poem for them.

Spend your moments with your partner

Take time for your partner and make them memorable with love moments. The easiest way to spend time with your partner is to include them in your daily routine. In the meantime, keep other things aside like chatting with friends on the internet or phone.

valentine offers

Offer to your dream partner

There is no better day than Valentine’s Day to offer to your partner. If you are both ready to marry then make this day special by giving them a proposal for marriage. You can offer them a red rose or a ring on this day.

Keep an eye on each other’s choice

To make Valentine’s Day special, spend time with them as your partner’s choice. If he likes to watch movies then show his favorite movie either in solitude at home or take a cinema hall. If the male partner has a special attachment to the game, then you see a match with him on this day for his happiness.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine Day!


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