New Verdict for Sri Devi’s Death: Accidental Drowning

Sridevi_at_Manish_Malhotra_fashion_showIn Dubai’s hotel, the death of Bollywood Superstar Sridevi was due to drowning in the bathtub. Doctors from Dubai, who are doing Forensic Investigations, have revealed in Sridevi’s post-mortem that Sridevi had fallen into the bathtub after the cardiac arrest. According to Gulf News, Sridevi’s blood had alcohol content. During this time, Sridevi lost her balance and fell into the bathtub.

According to the Gulf News report, the process of coating on the body of Sridevi is not complete yet. It is likely that the process of coating will be completed on Tuesday. Because of this, her body could not be brought to India on Monday. On the other hand, the Dubai Police has now handed over the matter to the Dubai Public Prosecution, which is why relatives of Sridevi have to wait for the permission of the government lawyer to take the dead body. According to Dubai’s rules, post-mortem report and forensic report in such cases of Accidental Deaths are referred to public prosecution. India’s Ambassador to UAE Navdeep Suri said, “Our embassy is working with the local administration so that the body of Sridevi can come to India. It is our endeavour to bring his body to India as soon as possible. ”

Issued death certificate

All the formalities have been completed from the hospital and the death certificate has been issued. After completion of formalities, the body of Sridevi will leave for Mumbai in the chartered aircraft and it is expected that the plane will land here at night. Before the funeral, people are desperate to get a glimpse of their favourite actress. From Monday morning, the gathering of his fans outside the house of Sridevi was also seen, as the number of police forces has been increased.

Dubai police will investigate death

After the completion of the postmortem report, the Dubai Police has handed over the case of Sridevi to the government lawyer. The matter will be investigated and if necessary, there may be interrogation with Boney Kapoor.

Such is Dubai’s legal process

After the post-mortem report is released, the body of Sridevi has been sent for ‘defence cover’, which will take approximately 90 minutes. After the completion of this procedure, the Dubai Police will issue the death certificate of Sridevi, after which the Indian Embassy will cancel the passport of Sridevi and the Immigration Department will complete its action. After this, the government lawyer will allow the body to handover the body and then the body of Sridevi will be sent to India.

Dubai was going to participate in the wedding of nephew

Earlier, news came from ‘Khalija Times’ that Boney Kapoor and Sridevi had to get away from Dubai to Mumbai. But before coming to Mumbai, Boney Kapoor wanted to give a special surprise to his wife Sridevi. He wanted to take Sridevi for a dinner. He told about his plan in the evening, Sridevi immediately got ready. Both spoke to each other for 15 minutes. Then Sridevi went to the washroom to prepare.

Boney Kapoor was waiting for Sridevi during that time. When she did not come out for a while, Bonnie knocked on the door. Even after the door was not opened, Bonnie pushed the door. As soon as the door opened, Bonnie saw that Sridevi was unconscious lying in the bathtub. There was no movement in her body. Bonnie tried to bring Sridevi to the senses, but she did not get any result. After this Bonnie called his friend. About 9 pm, the police was informed about this.

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