Clash of Titans – EY Bangladesh vs BCC (Team LICT Project) Finally the most awaited Cricket match has happened between Ernst Young – EY (Lict Project Implementation team) and Bangladesh computer Council (LICT Project Team) abbreviated as BCC.

The Cricket match was a tough fight & none of them willing to back out from the battleground and it was sported till the last drop of sweat oozing from the player’s forehead.

Big hits were expected since this was a 20-20 match, but the reality was much more mesmerizing as the ball was sent miles away in the air exiting the cricket ground every over. The batsmen outperformed the spectator’s expectations by putting up a fabulous show. The bowlers on the other hand has taken the big hits as a challenge and put up an excruciating resistance every other ball

Imran Shah (Captain) – BCC – lict team (left) & Suman Saha (Captain) – EY Bangladesh lict team (Right)

But at the end of the day the winning team BCC emerged as Sultans of cricket on this particular day and has sent the loosing team in a spiral when their team outperformed the opposition.

imran shah - lict

Mr. Imran Shah Mohammad from BCC team has emerged as the cracking batsman of the cricket competition by contributing 28 and bagging 3 crucial wickets. His 2 sixes and a boundary sent the spectators awestruck making his supporters leave their seats and rejoicing for their hero. Not to mention Imran was declared man of the match by unanimous decision. The team was successful in putting up a decent score of 168 on board.

The winning team put up a tough resistance fielding per se. Their opposition disappointed the fans by missing a couple of catches and were not able to stop the boundaries as a result some spectacular fours and sixes were hit by the winning team.

The runner-up team also put up a fantastic show, with Sugata(Vice Captain – EY Bangladesh lict team) and Wajid as the best batsman and Wajid bagging 3 wickets. However the fall of wickets at regular intervals made the team crash down like a deck of cards. The entire team was sent to pavilion in just 17.2 overs with 120 runs on board. The loosing team was 48 runs short.

Special thanks to Mr. Shakif who was the scorer/analyst of the EY team and supported the team as a motivator and a physio. Sumit and Mozammil were the photographers from EY side and did a good job in capturing some excellent moments.

Not to mention that a good show was put up by both the teams and it was a very good example of a friendly competition played in the right spirit and both teams celebrating the win at the end.

Special thanks to Mr Rezaul Karim – Project director LICT, Mr Sami Ahmed – CTL LICT, Mr Vidyut – Project director MMT (EY)  who by their presence has really motivated the players and the support staff to perform at their best capabilities and putting up a good show. They were delighted by the wonderful arrangements made by the EY team.

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Finally we thank all the players, umpires (Mr Kedar Nagawanshi and Mr Mahafuzul Shamim), support staff, spectators and special guests to have come to the ground and becoming a witness to this excellent game of cricket.

Few Moments of the match

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