Amazon Announces Its Decision to Stop Selling the Nest Smart Devices

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With Amazon deciding not to sell the latest gadgets from Google’s smart home brand Nest, consumers will soon be unable to find products from Nest on the Amazon Web site.

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Reports came now that as Amazon decided not to sell the latest equipment from Google’s smart home brand Nest, so consumers will soon be unable to find Nest’s products on the Amazon Web site.

People familiar with the matter said Amazon notified Nest at a late teleconference late last year that it will no longer sell the latter’s latest products, including devices such as the Nest Cam IQ smart camera and upcoming Nest VLAN, a video-on-smart doorbell.

Amazon said the decision comes from “top” and has no connection with the product quality of Nest. This led some employees of Nest to speculate that the decision was made by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. As a reply to that, Nest has decided to cease its business deals with Amazon. This means that existing products such as the Nest security camera and the third-generation Learning Thermostat smart thermostat will disappear from the shelf on Amazon’s website once the existing inventory is sold out.

Nest products sold on the Amazon website

The decision came as Amazon sought to tap its market dominance into the smart home space. After a series of successes in Alexa, the virtual assistant ecosystem, Amazon recently acquired Ring, the maker of networked doorbells and security gear. Ring’s video doorbell and outdoor camera Floodlight Cam are currently competing with Nest’s products, but Amazon’s move does not constitute an anti-competitive act as the company sells similar devices from multiple manufacturers.

Amazon move may stem from increased competition with Google. Google announced this month that it plans to integrate Nest into the Google family unit to “strengthen” Nest’s mission to create a more “smart” home environment. Also, Amazon’s Alexa and Echo smart home systems also face the challenge of Google Assistant and Google Home. Last year, Google continued to increase in the field of smart speakers, released the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max speakers.

Consistent with the latest Nest products that are banned, Amazon no longer sells Google Home, Chromecast and Pixel smartphones. Likewise, Google blocked YouTube’s support for FireTV and Echo Show in December last year.

In 2015, Amazon sold Apple’s Apple TV set-top boxes because of “less than ideal interaction” with Amazon’s Prime Video service. At the same time, Amazon declined to develop the Prime Video channel for Apple TV, probably because Apple took a 30% share of the content sales. However, Amazon resumed sales of Apple TV in December last year and released a Prime Video application for tvOS.

It is surmised that last Tuesday, Amazon also announced the acquisition bell ring start-door news, it will be integrated into the Amazon’s Key and Cloud cam department, and the company’s accession will help Amazon to further expand in the field of smart home security hardware Competitiveness.

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