Who is Priya prakash?


This girl’s name is Priya Light Warrior. Prior to the Valentine’s Day, boys crush across the country, Priya Prakash Varear, has stated that because of her feelings for her love, her parents have come into her little concern with her fame.

Priya prakash – Viral video taking a Whirlwind in the Internet

This beautiful girl has suddenly become the National Crush in Valentine Week. Its video shares have started to grow. Well everyone has a crush on anyone. But this is the first time that a girl has become the whole nation, that is, the National Crash. If you have not seen this video yet, then watch this video first.

Talking to an English website, Priya’s mother Preetha said that she became worried about Priya by getting festive in the night and night. Thanks to a video that has been viral in the movie Valentine’s Wonderful Express, she has become the world’s third most popular instagram celebrity. But due to the sudden populidity, Priya’s family members have become disturbed. His mother Preetha informed that we have sent Priya to the hostel.

At the time asked why he did this, he has been stated, the director has treated Priya with any kind of interview prior to the film is getting released. The film has also started shooting. We have sent him to the hostel due to this noise.

Partha further said that we had never thought that Priya would be very fond of it. Priya had a desire to work in films so she auditioned. Last year, he gave an audition after which he was selected. But Priya was in the 12th class and her board exams were at the time of shooting the film, so she could not shoot. Then the film makers himself told them to be ready for casting for the next film.

Speaking about Priya’s Instagram Followers, Preetha said that the number of followers of Priya has grown to 2 million (2 million) in a single day. Preetha told that Priya’s mother Preetha told that Priya didn’t have any kind of Instagram account officially. All the names in his name are visible on the social media.

Preeta told that Priya is still in the position that she does not know what to do with her. Overnight everything has changed. She has become so furious that she is afraid of going out of the house because now everyone knows him. He was not quite ready for this. Although she is a very social girl, she still does not understand how she reactors on this condition.

About Priya

Let’s now also tell you the full profile of Priya. Her full name is Priya Prakash Verear, age 18, and lives in Thrissur, Kerala. Seeing this video, Priya studied at the school, but Priya is not in school but she is studying in college and being BCom.

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