What is Black hole? The First image of the black hole captured by Astronomers

A black hole is an interesting and hot topic from the past few years. This topic is very
interesting even for people who are not indulged in the study of the celestial objects.

what is black hole

What is Black Hole?

A black hole is basically the region in the space-time where the region is exceptionally
exhibiting the strong gravitational effects such that even particles, radiation be it
electromagnetic such as light cannot escape from inside it. The event horizon is the name
given to the boundary of the region from where the no escape is possible. Basically, we can
say that the black hole behaves as the black body, as there is no reflection of light from it.
On 11 February 2016, the LIGO collaboration announced that they have detected first direct
gravitational waves which can be represented as first observation of a black hole. Black
holes can be predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

A black hole can be observed by the scientists directly by the telescopes that detect X-rays
or other forms of electromagnetic radiations. We can infer the presence of a black hole by
studying their effect on the objects nearby. If a normal star passes close to a black hole, a
black hole can tear the star apart as it pulls it toward itself. As the attracted matter
accelerates and heats up, X-rays are emitted by it which radiates in the outer space. Some
recent evidence also shows that matter coming in contact with a black hole also emits the
powerful gamma-ray bursts.

The first image released

Recently the black hole image was released and it measured about 40 billion km across
which is roughly the three billion times the size of Earth. The image released recently was
captured by the network of eight telescopes across the world known as Event Horizon
Telescope and was found that black hole was located approximately 500 million trillion km
away from the earth’s surface. The details have been further published in the Journal letters
of Astrophysical. Black hole captured in the image is found in the M87 galaxy.
The mass of the black hole captured recently is approximately 6.5 billion times that of the
Sun, due to which it is considered to be the heaviest black holes that exist till date. The
image shows the bright ‘ring of fire’, the bright halo is caused by super-heated gas falling into
the hole. Due to the brightest light than all the billion stars in the galaxy, this black hole can
be easily seen at such a far distance from the earth’s surface.

It was exciting to know that image which was captured by the telescope was similar to the
one which was predicted in the theoretical calculations given by the Einstein which proved
him right once again after so many years.

Although these objects and images appear simple visually they left so many questions which
are complex making people think about the nature of space and time which ultimately
concludes and question our existence.

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